When Will Covid-19 End?

Should I Sell My House NOW?

What is the Singapore property market going to be like?

To answer the 3 questions above, lets try to understand a little more about what is going on.


What can you do to minimise the impact on your housing or property investment plans?

These people had made great decisions just before the #CircuitBreaker.

Mr & Mrs Good-With Money

Upon reaching 5 years MOP, this prudent couple sold their 5rm HDB and bought a resale condo near their parents. They got it at a very good price and do not have to use any cash to pay their monthly mortgage!

Mr & Mrs Unlock Surprise

They did not realise they were going to earn more than $100,000 from the sale of their 4rm HDB! They were so happy to unlock this “surprise money” that was actually their profit. They are now moving to another 4rm flat except that they are now $100k richer in CASH!

Miss Virgin Buyer

Miss Virgin Buyer is actually a first-time buyer. She had been wanting to purchase a new-launch condo as an investment since a year ago. The same type of unit she wanted is now about $100,000 more than it costed a year ago. She realised that she should not wait any longer. Especially not when Covid-19 is over!

Mr & Mrs Need Bigger Home

This highly intelligent couple decided to sell their current flat as soon as it reached its Minimum Occupancy Period (MOP). They wish to purchase a 6rm jumbo flat after this. They understand that NOW is definitely the best time to upgrade, as long as they can afford the monthly mortgage.

Mr & Mrs Divorced + Need To Sell FAST

When it come to divorces, there should be no delaying in the selling of your home. This is so that the individuals, who were once a couple, can move on with the next phase of their lives as soon as possible.

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